TEMPUS projekat:
Sport Professions: Education, Employment, Development in the Balkan Region

Building on two previous Tempus projects conducted by the EU Partners (EUP) in the region to promote the Bologna Process & upgrade Physical Education (PE) into modern Sport Science (SpS), this project aims at:

  1. extending the academic reform in SpS, involving additional West Balkan (WB) Universities and countries beyond existing conflicts, easing tensions & fostering harmonisation in the WB & with EU in line with accession policies, promoting new teaching methodologies & quality assurance, exchanges through mobility & ICT technology;
  2. developing a regional approach to SpS reflecting EU standards and the manifold implications & potentialities of sectorial qualification in sport, as related to education, employment, development (sport centers, events, tourism, health, social integration, etc.), with a joint, vocationally oriented, Master and Life-Long Programs (LLP) targeting SpS specialists, able to meet diverse job market needs, according to local specificities & personal preference